www.womentoday.international COPYRIGHT and MEDIA RELEASE FORM for written work, images, artwork and SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

I grant permission to www.womentoday.international and the ICOC Women’s Service Team to use my image (photographs and/or video) for use in Media publications including videos; newsletters; e mail blasts; general publications; website and/or social media affiliates. 


I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the image.

 I hereby grant to www.womentoday.international and the ICOC Women’s Service Team    permission to use the following material (listed below) in digital format. I am granting them permission for non-exclusive rights to use the written work(s), image(s), and/or art object(s) described below. 


I certify that no other individual or parties hold copyright interest in the work(s) described above, that I hold all rights to the works listed, and that the license granted herein does not violate any third-party rights or applicable laws. I hereby certify and covenant that I am of legal age (a parent or legal guardian must sign for a minor), or if applicable, that I am authorized to sign on behalf of the entity listed below.

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 is a website managed by a Task Force

of the ICOC Women’s Service Team.

 We welcome your contributions! Thank you!


Please follow these guidelines when submitting material for publication:

    Articles/blog posts should be from 200 to 3000 words, approximately

o        If you have not taken them yourself, you need to be sure you have permission to use them. Always give credit to the artist or owner of the image, in a footnote or in the body of your article. If you are unfamiliar with what constitutes fair use of an image, please review this article: https://alj.artrepreneur.com/fair-blogging-bloggers-copyrighted-images/.  If you need help with this, please let us know

o   Please pay attention to these recommended sizes for submitted photos:

  •     Full screen - 1730 pixels tall, 3000 wide; Classic medium - 750 pix tall, 3000 wide; Short - 600 pix tall, 3000 wide; Thin - 350 pix tall, 3000 wide
  •     Send your submissions to womensserviceteam@gmail.com or upload them now below
  •     Please encourage other women you know to submit their writing as well

 Thank you very much!

Thank you for your help!

We have received your Copyright and Media Release Form for written work, images, and artwork submission waiver. 

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